Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Happy Friday

Thanks to Jamie Ridler I now pay attention to my happiness quotient during the week. I still get grumpy about things but I notice more often than not that my days are mostly good and things are always shifting in different and interesting ways. Learning to roll with the mutable quality of life makes living a lot less stressful. This is easier said than done, but the Happy Book project has worked its subtle ways on me. I pay more attention to the positive and let the negative roll on by. Usually. Sometimes. Well, I try to.

Ah well, happiness is not about perfection. Meanwhile the flowers keep blooming...

This beauty is known by the suggestive name of Pussy Ears (Calochortus tolmiei).This is the flower of the Pitcher Plant/ Darlingtonia (Darlingtonia californica)
And this last little beauty is a Trillium (in the Lily order - I couldn't find the Latin name because there are too many common names! I'm not sure which is which.)
All the flower photos were taken by the ever talented Tree Geek, master of the macro lens and bondo bears and who causes Harley bikes (not bikers!) to quake at the very sight of him.


  1. Love the pictures, especially the Pussy Ears - what a darling flower! Yes, I know what you mean about working to pay attention to the happy events - and it does become easier through practice. Yesterday was an especially stressful day - so this morning I was really glad to be able to think about the good things in my recent days and also read about what others have to share. Thank you!

  2. I like: "learning to roll with the mutable quality of life makes living a lot less stressful." Indeed, it takes practice, and I like having a chance each week to reflect on the good stuff. Thanks for sharing these flowers.

  3. love these shots!
    you are great clicking that camera!!!!

  4. Can I ever hear you. Ugh! So hard to see the positive sometimes but I am paying more attention to moments that make me smile thanks to this group. :)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. They make me happy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful flowers and photography. We are starting to see the first buds here and it is such a joy. It is great that the Happy Book Project is helping with being more aware of your own happiness.

    Fatma XO

  7. Not to sound like an insufferable botany geek, but the genus name for Trillium is actually Trillium. Sometimes the common name and the scientific name actually overlap. The most common SW Oregon Trillim species is Trillium ovatum, I think. A handy website for looking up plants is the USDA plants database: You can search by scientific or common name, and sometimes they have nice pictures :)