Friday, December 4, 2009

The sweater saga

The story of the sweater continues.  After many late, knitting-marathon nights, I finished knitting the body and the multi-colored pattern. 
This was the first time that I'd ever attempted knitting such an intricate pattern with more than one color, and I think I did ok, despite not really knowing what the hell I was doing.  Having a good audio book to listen to really helps. This is a picture of the top of the body with the pattern.  The green piece of yarn running down the middle is the center of the front, of which I shall shortly proceed to sew two seams on either side, and then proceed to CUT DOWN THE CENTER WITH SCISSORS!!! Oh my god, what am I thinking?!?!!  For those of you in the know, this is called steeking (See here for a great account of steeking for the first time.  And then buy the book.  Do it.  Now.) And for those of you who don't realize why this is such an abhorrent idea, you aren't knitters and you'll never understand.  But I digress. 
So I sewed. Here's a picture of the seams, before the fateful cut. 

And I (gasp) cut... 

Oh, that wasn't so bad. 

So then I pinned, and sewed the facings.

And now, the (almost) final product. 

Now I just have to finish the neck border and block.  Then I'll magically know how to surf!