Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bearik Estrada in progress

I'm taking a break from the fumes of fiberglass resin and bondo to post my progress on Bearik Estrada. After cutting limbs and resetting the jaw I reinforced the legs and arms with wire mesh covered with aluminum foil. The foil allows me to fiberglass over the modified parts without wasting too much resin. 

I the built the mouth, teeth and nose out of A+B epoxy putty. This stuff dries to a rock hard finnish in about two hours-great stuff! I worked from a couple of quick sketches I did from CHiPs episodes on Hulu.

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After the A+B putty was dry I began adding texture using automobile body filler. Working fast I used pieces of straw to add the texture.


  1. Can't wait to see it completed! Looks like a lot of fun! Did you finish the Harley?

  2. this sounds like a fascinating process! where did you learn about this? maybe you should consider teaching a class at artfest???? :)
    thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog. artfest went great!

  3. How cool and FUNNY is this fella!?!?!?!?!