Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey all. Thought I'd update you on my latest project: the Grants Pass BearFest 2010. BearFest is the creation of Brady Adams, President of Evergreen Federal Bank. Much like Chicago's famous fiberglass Cows the BearFest features fiberglass bears that have been decorated, fiberglassed, painted and placed on public display. 

This year's theme is bears on Harley Davidson motorcycles, tentatively called the "Wild Bunch". First let me state that I have little to no interest in motorcycles, or cars for that matter. Really, anything with a combustion engine is something of a mystery to me. Wrenches and I don't get along very well. Given that I was somewhat hesitant about taking on this project, but I got an idea and couldn't help myself.

The full-sized hog I have to work with looks like the bike from the 1980's cheese-fest TV show "CHiPs", so I got the idea to do a takeoff called "Bearik Estrada". See rendering.

So far I've been working on converting my gray hog into a white CHP patrol bike. This involves the disassembly of gas tank, fenders, oil tank, and seat so I can paint the components. I've got the parts painted and most of them reattached to the bike. 

Let me just get this off my chest: Harley's are poorly designed. They're heavy, loud, and it seems that every time you want to remove one part you have to take apart at least two other items. This is obviously intended so that the average guy trying to work on his own bike gives up in frustration and just takes it to the damn shop. 

Venting over, feeling much better now, thank you.

That said, the work seems to be going fairly smoothly... so far. More soon


  1. Wow! I didn't realize you were doing that much work. Quite an undertaking....I can't wait to see the results.

  2. What a cool project. I've never seen the other side of these. Our local city has snoopy characters all over the place since Charles Schultz is from this area. I am really looking forward to watching your progress. I hear you on the wrench thing.