Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clouds & Drawing with Imagination

I was flipping through my copy of “Keys to Drawing with Imagination” the other day. This book is a series of creative (and often whimsical) drawing exercises with artist Bert Dodson. The exercises are inventive and make you want to pull out your pencils and start “doodling” immediately. His "doodling" is actual drawing but I won't quibble.

This isn’t a book for beginners but, even if you don’t draw, you can still capture some of Dodson’s creative spirit in your everyday life. One of my favorite exercises is the one about clouds. Dodson takes cloud photos and draws the images he sees in them. During my breaks at work I’ve been taking cloud photos and looking for images. I may try to rough sketch them out but I’ll probably just keep taking photos and inventing the images in my mind.

What do you see?

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