Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Walk

Cave Junction had it’s tri-annual Artwalk on Friday, August 14th. The Artwalk goes from 5pm-8pm and, as usual, there wasn’t enough time to socialize, eat and see all the artists and their work in the different venues spread around downtown.

I was quite taken with the quilts (unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of any other work on display):
All were beautiful and make by various artists. The bird one is being auctioned. Please, please, please let it be me who wins! I love this quilt. Here's a detail:
Artwalk used to be a monthly event but sadly, there hasn’t been quite enough interest in the last few years. The IV Arts Council has pared it back to three times a year. There seemed to be a good turnout this month but I fear that Artwalk may be a dying beast. We’ll see what the Arts Council decides for next year. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what CJ does have to offer. There are exceptional artists/craftspeople/seamstresses living here. If art/craft collecters from the more populated areas of the country knew how cheap original work was here in the Illinois Valley they would come in droves. I'm just saying.

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