Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lunch Break Well Spent

I wasn't hungry at lunchtime and a co-worker mentioned that our company garden was filled with Swallowtails:The Swallowtails seemed to roost for a long time on the Echinacea. Noticeably longer than on any other type of flower. I wonder why? Certainly not to pose for me.

Here's a snap of another gorgeous little moth/butterfly in the garden:
Does anyone know what this critter is? I also don't know what the flower is. It's very attractive and all over the garden in clumps. Probably something medicinal - I'll ask around.

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  1. The flower is Santolina; common name Grey Cotton Lavender. I believe the butterfly is a Variable Checkspot (thanks Germaine!) a member of the true Brushfoot family. And that would make it a butterfly.