Monday, July 13, 2009

Craft Night July 9

We broke from our traditional craft night format of chat n’chew (with perhaps a craft somewhere in sight). Well, actually we did the chat n’chew part and then we went for a hike. We helped Paul carry the last of the boardwalks up to a Darlingtonia fen. Paul has been working on a trail through a Darlingtonia fen. I believe he just needed these few boardwalks carried in and placed to complete the trail. Here’s what Darlingtonia (aka Cobra Lilies) looks like: We spent some time hiking around the fen and then beyond it into serpentine soil. There we found the Mariposa Lily:
It’s not a common plant as it prefers the harsh serpentine soil. It won't grow anywhere else.

We tried to get a group shot (sans Erin in this one- she was running back when the shutter went off):
There was nowhere great to prop the camera so we hung it from its strap on a tree branch. Not the greatest of photos but here we all are!
We attempted one more time to get a good shot and the camera swung away from us as we posed. We tried to jump in the path of the lens - Andrew didn't make it:Lastly, we saw a Common Nighthawk. It was flopping around so we suspect we were getting too close to its nest. When we backed off it roosted:
It was difficult to get a decent shot but we saw it flying and it is a difficult bird to ID wrong when you see the obvious wing bars. It was a great craft night!

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