Friday, July 17, 2009

Illinois River Craft Night

It's been hot in southern Oregon. So, crafts be damned until it cools off a bit. We went "swimming" instead. "Swimming" consisted of finding the deepest spot in the rather shallow summer Illinois River and splashing around. The deepest place I could find came up to my knees. Still, we cooled off and played frisbee and just had an all around excellent time. We started with food, of course. Excellent Sangria, yummy bruschetta, fritters, stuffed mushrooms and plates full of cheese and crackers. Topped off with baskets of fresh berries. Here we are right before the feeding frenzy:And here we are splashing:
We set up camp on a little island. Please note the blue umbrella. Cece brought that. Just in case we got too much sun.Wish you could have been there!

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