Saturday, June 27, 2009

When crafts collide...

So, for those of you who regularly follow The Crafting of the Snark, you'll know that the craft of the week was tiny yarn animals by Tamie Snow. Well, I present to you the first of many tiny yarn animals:

All together now, "Aaaaawwwww!" Yes, he/she is pretty darn cute. Still needs a name, this lemur does (not to mention a gender), but we decided to let shim help us with another craft, the bottling of our latest batch of beer. At first, things were going swimmingly:

However, we seriously underestimated this lemur, and things quickly got out of hand once s/he found out booze were involved.

By the end of the night this lemur was passed out cold:

Word to the wise: if a lemur sidles up to you and offers to help you with your homebrew, check its ID.

*No lemurs were harmed in the making of this post (but they might have a headache tomorrow).

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