Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tomato Umbrellas, and other ghetto-fabulous crafts

What happens to people who get impatient and buy their tomato starts early? Then get more impatient and plant them early? They get resourceful, that's what. (By the way, we got a smokin' hot deal on the tomatoes so we don't regret that one bit, no sir.) I give you...Tomato Umbrellas! One part upside-down tomato cage, one part clear trash bag, three parts patriotic upside-down beer can (many thanks to the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company), and voila! you have your tomatoes guarded against the we-can't-decide-whether-to-get-warm-and/or-ever-stop-raining elements of Southern Oregon. And of course, they go very well with the ghetto-fabulous bird feeder that many of you may remember from a few months ago:
It's still goin' strong! And confounding squirrels to boot. Who says crafts have to look good?

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