Thursday, April 23, 2009

Check out this amazing crochet. I really, really need to learn to crochet properly. I recently took a stringbag class with a great instructor and I learned so much (thanks Andrea!) and I loved it! But do I get home and work on it? Hah! I get frustrated without an instructor at the ready to rescue me.

Since there are so many luscious crocheting projects out there I think I'll have to make more of an effort. Maybe at our craft night tonight I'll sit with Cece (AKA crochet master) and interrupt her knitting with my crocheting needs.

Let's check out some work by a crafty snarker who actually finishes projects. Tada! The door:

Or at least part of it. This is just part of one side. Check out the link on the side "What Exactly is a Door Project?" for more information about this project.

Wish all of you in blogland could join us for craft night. Nancy

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