Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dark Side of Crafting

When you scan through the myriad of wonderful crafting sites out there you can't help but feel unworthy of all that brilliance; all those beautiful, perfect, oh-so-cute crafts that talented crafters whip up with no effort whatsoever. Well, at least I feel terribly inadequate. Especially since the Hedgehog incident. Lollychops posted instructions for the most adorable hedgehogs. Her instructions were clear and I followed them faithfully. Twice. Neither looked anything like hers. I couldn't get the face right and the "spines" would never line up no matter how much pinning and re-pinning I did. One side would have nice even spineing and the other side would have about twice as many in a random array. Argghhh!

Then I discovered this site: http://craftfail.com/. I feel so much better. Other people are making spam soap and off-kilter baby caps...You often only see an artist's best work and that's why Craft Fail so refreshing. Crafters are fessing up to their worst nightmares. It's not only me! Craft Fail also leads you to other sites, all brutally honest about the the woe side of crafting:

What Not to Craft (oh my!)
What Not to Crochet (check out the kid's shawl)
Kraptastic Krafts
Cake Wrecks (when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong)

Once again, I'm at work so no craft pics. I'll leave with a lovely image of Oregon

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