Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drawing Lab drawings

I have been taking part in an online drawing workshop and I'm loving it. I've always been intimidated by drawing and I get frustrated when the result isn't perfect (whatever that means) and then I don't attempt again for a few years and then I try again and get frustrated and wait a few more years and suddenly I'm middle-aged and I Still Can't Draw. Go figure. I recently acquired a copy of the newly published Drawing Lab by Carla Sondheim. The labs in her book are drawing exercises designed to help one loosen up and see the creative potential in every sidewalk crack and eyedropper full of ink.
Portraits made with an eyedropper and acrylic ink colored with markers.

Water colors randomly painted on a page- search out and outline whatever image appears.

Without the pressure of creating perfect art I can draw up a storm of insignificant marks that encourage me to keep moving ahead. Carla is a genius! It helps that I'm in a workshop and on a schedule to get things done. Schedules seem counter-productive in art but I need the structure and the deadlines. If I wasn't in this workshop I would have done one or two exercises, gotten frustrated and put the book on the shelf. And then would occasionally feel vaguely guilty about it and want to go back to it someday. Which becomes never.
One Liners - pics drawn with a continuous line without lifting pen from paper.

Artists of the Round Table (ART) is hosting the free workshop. The drawing lab workshop is now closed but ART offers many other kinds of artsy workshops. If you join the Yahoo Group you will get updates on all upcoming workshops and you will have access to the lesson plans of previous workshops. OK, I'm going back to the drawing board (oy!). Hope to see you in ART land.

Wrong handed portrait - portrait drawn from a photo with non-dominant hand.


  1. ask any artist and they will likely tell you that you're not born with the talent to draw, but that it comes with practice. lots and lots of it. i like what you mentioned, the concept of letting go and not expecting perfection. i recently wrote something about a drawing that emerged from a bunch of random scribbles (i'll post it in the next few weeks, not quite done) and it's freeing to let things just happen and to keep trying new techniques. i've never seen it done with water effect.

  2. What a wonderful bunch of creative exercises--thanks for sharing! I'm going to look into the ART group, and try the self portrait with non dominant hand. Have a great weekend!