Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Belly 'O thy Beasties

This one's for you Donna, Baby.Can you guess the brew, based on this emblem? No ? Amateurs!
C'mon Donna Baby, I know you dig the Mexi Pilsners, but you gotta remember this patriotic brew. For old time's sake?
That's right, we took a tour of the brewery that distributes to 11 western states. Inside the belly of the beast, we stumped our brewery tour guides with so many nerdy brew questions, they just started pretending not to hear us or see our raised hands. "When did Budweiser introduce screw top caps?" "What is the weighted average alpha acid of the hop blend you use?" "When did rice become an ingredient in your beers?" Don't know? I didn't think so!Yuck! Too many samples, I need a Brandistani beer to calm my nerves!College kids across America, this one is for you. Yes it might taste delicious now, but start home brewing, and then you'll know the magnitude of your fermented sins! When you die, leave it to the yeasts, coyotes, and ravens to determine your fate!That's right, cuz if it ain't brewed at home in the US of ain't worth imbibing!
Unfortunately all those horses from the commercials are kept in a horse prison.
For all you wonderful folks back home:Now crack a Bud, and praise the lord for fermentation!


  1. Kelly O' SnarkMay 5, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    Jah Love Brandistani!

    If only those corporate swillmeisters knew that a true original space cowboy brewer was in their midst... Hope the Cholera-rado life is to yer likin'. Hugs to you and your loverly gal.


  2. Too bad they put more money into their horses, phony wagons and crummy commercials than they do their swill. For shame Budweiser!

  3. Hey! I think they should put MORE money into their horses and forget the beer!

    Donna and Frosty