Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dragon Dedication

Here is the completed yard-art sculpture that Kelly's been working on. Check out his earlier dragon post to refresh your memory. It's been awhile.Kelly was commissioned to finish the sculpture in memory of Chuck Jacobs (AKA Billy). The dragon was the latest project Chuck was working on when he passed away in August of 2007. Metal sculpture was new to Chuck- he had been a furniture maker for many years and wanted to learn something different. He wanted so much out of life, he couldn't be idle for a moment. He was always building, traveling, raising a ruckus, adventuring in some fashion. His wife, family and all their dear friends from the area gathered on Saturday, October 3rd for a dedication/memorial ceremony. Chuck had finished the globe, the dragon's head and a partial tail before moving on to his newest adventure (wherever you are I'm sure you're giving someone hell). Kelly finished off the body, making the scales one by one, and then did his own interpretation of the wings. Chuck had left a vague picture in his workshop but no other information on what his vision/plans were for the final details.

The ceremony was at the Selma Center. The weather was blustery (like Chuck) but the rain held and there was even some rays of sunshine to highlight the coppery tones of the dragon.

It was great to have Betsey back in town, even though she wasn't here nearly long enough. Here she is gazing through the world. Come back to us soon, Betsey!

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