Friday, August 7, 2009


Despite the sudden cold and rainy weather, we decided to keep to our craft night at Lake Selmac. We started with a picnic: a platter full of baked salmon, tomatoes from Erin's garden and some really yummy strawberry jam that Casey made.

Casey and Paul had to leave early so we said our adieus and got the boats unpacked and in the water before it got too cold and dark. It was very pleasant on the lake- not too cold or windy. The water felt like bathwater on my feet as I was climbing in the kyack; definitely warmer than the ambient air temperature
China joined Erin and Kelly in the rowboat - she's a good boat dog. Io or Sunny would have probably tipped the boat over; Io from diving in and out, Sunny from fear and imbalance. I have no idea what Max would do. Maybe I'll try it sometime.
Sorry the quality of the pictures is so poor - low light, bobbing, moving around. I'm still not so great with the new camera.

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