Friday, March 13, 2009

Bad Horse, Bad Fuses, Amazing Shawls

Hey there Crafty Snarks. We had a great night last night. Andrew (AKA Anthony) dyed some of Max's fur with usnea. Max was an unwilling participant but coerced into willingness with the use of food and attention.

We watched a short film, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Thanks to Paul for bringing it, we need more Bad Horse in the world.

We were discussing shawls last night and how we aren't really shawl wearers, even though there are such great knitted shawls out there in the world. Well, here is a shawl that could turn me into a dedicated shawl wearer:
The pattern is here: Just a hint for the knitters in our group; somebody's birthday is coming up in June. That might be just enough time to get this done. That somebody whose birthday it is would even be willing to spring for the yarn and just use you for your talent. I'm just saying, that's all.

We had a splendiferous (and educational) trip to the Bear Hotel last Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures and a guided tour of our trip. Keep on crafting! Nancy


  1. AWESOME! I've only ever crafted usnea into medicine, but I suppose Usnea's limits are endless! I just found a link to your blog someplace random, thus having no previous knowledge of your topics or life, and for the life of me cannot tell what sort of animal Max is from this photo. I guess the logical guess would be bunny?

    Oh - and does the dyed fur have that usnea smell or did that wash out?

  2. Max is a dog...but don't tell him that. He thinks he's avenger of the universe.

    We cooked the usnea in my kitchen and I didn't notice any smell. The dyed hair was whisked away to another location after that pic was taken otherwise I'd take a a whiff for you!