Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas on Mars

The latest project that I'm now working on has the unlikely title of "Christmas on Mars". This Evergreen Federal Bank sponsored event in Grants Pass, OR is the latest brainchild of Brady Adams. The back-story goes something like this:

Unknown to most people Santa has not only been delivering toys to the boys and girls on Earth, but also to the children of Mars. When Evergreen Bank tore down the old Riverside Hotel in order to build Riverside Park they accidentally damaged Santa's toy delivery system to Mars. In order to make things right with Santa, Brady agreed to build a rocket ship to ensure that toys continued to reach Mars by Christmas morning. Are you still with me?

So that's where a bunch of artists (including me) come in. We're now building a huge rocket ship, Martian toy store, and a whole bunch of Martians to run the place. You literally can't make this stuff up. Well I guess you can, but no one would take you seriously. So here's the proof in pictures...

This is Del Hearn posing with his huge rocket ship creation. Several artists are now building the interior, complete with Martians astronaughts.

An early test to make sure the engines are working properly. These huge rockets will have their own lighting and sound system!

A Martian Christmas tree. Kind of a cross between Dr. Suess and Tim Burton.

Some of Janet Higgen's Martians in progress.

More soon as construction continues!


  1. What are you working on? Are you making martian toys? That would be cool!

  2. Wait, what? Really? This is incredible. Is this real?

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