Friday, August 13, 2010

Prospect Park

In all the years that I lived in the general vicinity I never set foot in Prospect Park (except the Brooklyn Bontanical Garden once years ago and that's a seperate fee area so I don't count it.) Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the same designer of Central Park. The park is 585 acres. Here are the things I learned about Prospect Park today in the 3 hours I wandered around:

The squirrels here are very shy. I thought this fella was going to rip the camera out of my hands. You never know what's edible when you're a rodent, I suppose.
You need to look up when in a city, even if you know you will be branded tourist. You'll miss much by only looking from pigeon strut to traffic light level. I wandered through the Chinese Pavillion and in the middle, up high, hiding in the peak, was this beauty:I caught my breath when I saw this stained glass. It's in really good shape. I understand that the pavillion building is around 100 years old, so I was surprised at the condition of this window.

Harry has a wall. I never knew....
Some of the best advice I've seen to date:

I think we all need to heed this advice. Keep this in mind next time you're outside.


  1. such a cool post. the squirrel made me laugh, the stained glass is gorgeous, and the advice made me pause.

    i wonder who harry is...nevermind, i just googled it. interesting.

  2. You are so right about looking up. One of my favorite views is the ceiling at Lincoln Center. It is amazing!!

  3. hello dear i will write you a note today i hope everything is okay with you
    not a lot of posts here