Friday, June 25, 2010

Kusudama & the Plague

I managed to complete another Kusudama last evening: This model is from Tomoko Fuse's book " Kusudama Origami". That title is somewhat confusing as kusudama and origami are two different things. Here is an explanation lifted from Wiki: "The kusudama is important in origami particularly as a precursor to the modular origami genre. It is often confused with modular origami, but is not such because the units are strung or pasted together, instead of folded together as most modular construction are made."
There. That should clear it all up for you. Actually, it's pretty simple: Kusu - glued, origami - never glued. For those of you dying to rush out and make this model, it's called Clustered Flower and joined using the Latern assembly method. I plan to try more dynamic paper in my future attempts. For this practice run I used standard 4" origami paper.
I had lots of time to finish this model last night because I couldn't mow my field of weeds. I started mowing and then saw this:The Pacific tree frog. There is a plague in my yard. As I was mowing they were hopping away in every direction. I started inching along with my push mower and finally just gave up. They can have the damn lawn.
They are pretty dang cute. They are hiding all over the yard, not only in the lawn: Sigh. I'm not going to kill frogs to have a manicured lawn. Hopefully they'll eat the bugs in my veggie garden. And there's a very fat and happy robin hanging around. So it goes.


  1. i am so glad you explained it. and it makes sense. we do origami with the kids but this is totally new to me and a whole new world of pretty.

    and look at that cute bitty frog! sure sure, "the frogs" made you stop mowing the lawn... i'll use that excuse next time.

  2. Yo Nancy
    Is that your pitcher plant in the last pic? Is it holding up okay and has it flowered? Two of our three somehow made it across the deserts/mountains okay. no flowers yet though. Beautiful frog pics, we are scheming on some sort of frog attracting landscape features, but it is dry, wouldn't want the little guys to dessicate! Amphibi-prunes. BT

  3. Wow! Another beauty! I also like the color combination. The red really makes the pink and blue stand out.
    How did you get the frog to sit still enough to take a picture on the hand? I would not have had the heart to mow them either. They really are cute.