Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bacon for President!

We knew this day would come...
....but it doesn't make it any easier. Love you Oregonians!

Canoes aren't for the faint of heart. Took the old girl for a swim in Horsetooth Reservoir. All was placidly peaceful and sublimely tranquil, until the jetboats and jetskis started making wake. Boy howdy, I hope them large mouth bass enjoyed my chimichanga from last night.
6 months ago, I didn't even know (or care) what a soffit vent was. While I was not initially too thrilled about needing to install them, any excuse to buy a reciprocating saw works for me. My home-owning to-do list now revolves around what can be accomplished with my new toy. Paint the bathroom? No problem! Wash the windows? You got it! Get the neighbor's cat out of the tree? Yes, please! No project is too complex for a man packing this kinda heat, baby.Parrots are for Somalian pirates, I keep a jittery mutt on my shoulder, straight up burl-manly. Careful, he's been know to lick faces without warning.

"Uh, hey BigTimber...this is a CRAFT blog, remember?"
What the hey now...(looking around the room for something crafty)... HOMEBREW! Our craft brewing potentail has increased with the purchase of 4 additional carboys. Currently, brews in the works are Cherry Brown Ale, Orange Wine, Cherry Mead, Pineapple Wine, and Lavender Mead. As always, recipes are much consulted, but little followed. Some smell...tangy? It's an acquired taste.


  1. You are so cool. I wish I was as cool as you, BigTimber. How can anyone be so totally cool?

  2. Where can we sign up for the BigTimber fan club? 'Cause you totally rock!

  3. Yo timberewer, er..dude;

    Erin gets a lowly manual screwdriver, and you get the recip. saw and the wee beastie? Yer a yeast addled sexist, at's wot yer ar. Aarr! (slipping in a little pirate accent cause the 65 pound dog on my shoulder told me to). Oh yeah, here's my seventy-three cents. Sign me up for the fan club.

  4. $0.73 sounds like quite the bargain. Does it include temporary shoulder tattoos?

  5. Luke is all fulla hisself wit the capgun show, but in the top pitcher, sweet lil Erin gots the magnum guns on display. Hell yeah.