Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ode to Unfinished Projects

From the two unfinished books To the color studies not completedWhy do you taunt me with your incompleteness? Why do I abandon you? Why can't I follow through?


  1. that third photo down... you must complete that!
    and as for why this happens, i don't know exactly. i think it's the excitement of starting "the next thing," yarn harlot talks about this often... i was always taught to see things through but had a very hard time with it (countless doll sweaters with no sleeves, scarves that trailed off unfinished, etc) , but now, i have a hard time starting something if there's something else that needs to be finished. i guess i finally learned? but you're not alone... the thrift stores are full of unfinished projects, have you noticed? (mostly cross stitch, halfway done!)

  2. This is so true!:) I also tend not to start a new project when I have unfinished ones and it can be hard when you have "lost that feeling" for a project. Sometimes it helps if I tell myself I will donate the item to a shelter or hospital. This way I make sure to get it done. You could always host a giveaway. And yes, please, please complete the project in the third photo down, it is beautiful!

  3. oh, sigh, i hear you!! i'm still loving the colors here, unfinished or not!