Monday, March 15, 2010

More Creatures

These are gifts. I wanted to document them because I will never see them again. I've made several of these things previously and didn't take any pictures. What was I thinking? I often wonder if the recipients truly like these things or do they see them a cheesy craft project? Or both? I have mixed feelings on the matter. They are fun to make but I hate to give people things that are really just bad crafts. I'm afraid these may be the macrame and crocheted poodles of the new millenium.I need to stop reading Homemade Hilarity and Handmade Gone Wrong- I lose all sense of perspective.


  1. Something with so much personality as your cute creates could never be cheesey. They are so cute, especially love the bottom one that has such an adorable silly expression.

  2. I Love your sock creatures. With a capital L. So no bad mouthing them, or I'll have to come back there and open up a can.

  3. I know I personally adore mine. He's my new BFF.