Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Happy Round Up

It’s Friday again. Time for my weekly happy for The Happy Book Mail Around. The Giggle book is on its way to the second recipient in Montana. Only 2 more to go and I’M NEXT! Yippee!

I’ve been catching up on a lot of different things going on out there that are cause for celebration:

-Terrence Murphy & Elmo: This one is for the dog and kid lovers out there.

-Finished projects: For the great procrastinators…scroll down to the post below. I actually finished these projects. Finished them completely. It may not look like much but for me, a big deal.

-Crystal Caves: This one is for the adventurous. It would be a life altering experience to walk through this cave. I’ve been in caves before, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

-Artfest: For the creative souls out there, here is your chance to attend this amazing event. Free. No, really. Some very generous soul has donated her spot. Some very lucky soul will get it for a hundred words or less.

-Remains of the Day: For the book makers & journal lovers. This is the class for you! I’m saving my pennies because I want to take this class so bad I can taste it. Here are links to some of the student’s finished journals: tatterededge, sabinblog, ginarossiarmfield, magpiejst and tyggereye. These journals just resonate with me. I'm sewing up a storm but I'm not sure it'll be the same without Mary Ann's expert instruction.

Hope you have a happy Friday! Unlike these two. The pathetic looks they can give when they think they are being wronged!


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog... It is nice to see your finished projects.


  2. Thanks for all of the inspiring ideas that are certainly good reasons to celebrate! The caves are intriguing to me.... hmmm....

  3. Thank you for sharing all of these links.