Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Friday Links

Is it Friday already? Back to the Happy Book Mail Around! I'm uncorking the champagne bottle after this post because, for the first time EVER! I won a giveaway on a blog. I was poking around the Remains of the Day blog again (I know, I know! Just take the class already!) and I found this blog. And I entered her giveaway and I won! Never had the Random Number Generator picked me. Until now... When I receive the loot I'll post some pictures.
Free Downloads! Everyone probably knows about these great programs already (and free! Did I mention that?) but I'll post them in case someone out there hasn't heard of:
Gimp: I'm still working out how to use this but I was told it's very much like Photoshop. I've gotten some fun results but then I'll add or subtract something and not be able to fix it. I should probably read the "Getting Started" online manual.
Inkscape: This is a vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator. It's techincal and daunting but I like puzzles and this is fun to play around with. If you start selecting random functions all sorts of interesting hell breaks loose. I'm sure it does something useful somehow.

And an amazing website:
Vpike: This could distract me all day. Type in an address and take a walk down that street. Want to see the old neighborhood? Check out a place to vacation? This site is fun. I'm not sure how often it will be updated so it could get dated really fast.
Spent last Saturday at the Humane Society - that always makes me happy. Two more of our beautiful gals found homes last week:Tica went home with three of the cats from the shelter. She was last seen sleeping on a queen sized bed.Cheyenne finally found a home! She's been living at the RVHS since she was pup; she's been there 2 years! She was so deserving of a home and finally someone recognized her for the wonderful dog that she is. I hope you have your fairy-tale ending Cheyenne.

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