Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye to Craft Night (but the blog will endure)

Goodbye to an era! Last night was the official end of our weekly "Craft Night" in it's current inception. We've lost too many members within the past year to keep it going. First Casey bailed out on us and then Andrew (both dead to us) and now it's Luke and Erin's turn. The "dead-to-us" list has grown too large to keep track of anymore. So, it was amazing while it lasted. You were such an interesting and fun group; I'll always hold a place in my heart for all of you and our weekly snark and bacon and wine and gross amounts of delicious food (and the occasional craft) fest. Donna, in deference to Luke's bacon addiction, made bacon brownies as a going away present. For real. You can see the bacon sprinkled on top in the photo if you look closely. The recipe also replaced butter with bacon grease. Doesn't that sound so appealing? The carnivores said it was really good. We'll believe them.Journey on to great things my gypsy friends. To all the rest who are still in the area, please stop by the Barking Dog hacienda any time you want to say hello. The door is always open, as long as Max will let you in. Sorry, he's the deciderer, not me.

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