Friday, September 18, 2009

Craft Night in Mid September

Oh what a craft night it was! Things actually got crafted. You can tell winter is coming even though the days are still warm. We're all crafting. Well, except me. Some horrible dog whose name I can't even say right now TOOK APART the origami floral globe I painstakingly put together 2 weeks ago. The craft group cheered me on as I pushed through my frustration and completed a tidy, sturdy globe. Which the b%^* took apart on Tuesday. She didn't even shred it, which is almost worse. If she had destroyed it I could have said "oh well, it's ruined". Except it's not. And now I have to put the damn thing back together. Anybody want a free dog?
Guess who the ace dismantler is!Here are our projects for the week:
Cece's Sock!

Cece with sock. She's so freaking adorable with her blue sock!Kelly is working on bronze sculptures of Easter Island style heads. This is carved from wax and will be used for the actual bronze casting. As this craft develops I'll be posting more information.And Erin's totally splentacular, amazing and just so f^$&ing adorable Sea Nettle, made from a Hansigurumi pattern (sorry for the photo quality, my bad):And totally unrelated to our craft night but cool anyway:Some lucky devil in Cave Junction has this for a mailbox. I just love it! Nancy

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  1. Damn, whoever has that awesome mailbox should market them. Baseball bat-proof AND stylish!