Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found It

I ID’d the little lady from yesterday’s post (I’m assuming it’s a lady for literary purposes, who knows what gender she really is). She's unappetizingly called a Green Stink Bug Nymph. Here’s a much better photo: I got this photo from It’s a “catalog of over 7000 high-resolution close-up pictures of live wild insects and spiders…” The site houses an extensive archive of the backyard bugs of North America. It's a good reference for all those crafty bug projects you've been wanting to design; there are intimate photos of everything from glorious butterflies to icky bedbugs (which are making a comeback after being almost erradicated- isn't that good to know?).

Check out their section on dragonflies. Stunning, really.

Let's rename the Stinkbug. All of them are too interesting and colorful to have such a yukky title. I know, I know, they extrude an unpleasant scent when disturbed, but does that mean they deserve such an unappealing name?

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