Friday, July 31, 2009

Tree Mallow

It’s too bloody hot to do much of anything. It was even too hot for craft night. I did manage to glue half of my Kusudama together last night. It’s been epic trying to find the right glue- glue that sticks with some tackiness, actually holds paper together and doesn’t take three days to dry. And dries clear. I went to Michael’s and there was a bewildering array of glues, many of which just had the most basic information. I took a wild guess and found one that is adequate. Does anyone know of a great paper glue?

Here’s a picture of a Tree Mallow (Lavatera arborea). We have a botanical garden at work and it was plucked from there. I cleaned off the dead flowers when I put it in water and all the unopened blooms opened over the next three days. This is a spectacular plant that holds up well in a vase. A few people asked me if was fake.

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