Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thrifty Buttons!!

My new obsession:

I just love the old packaging. Unopened. And they were .25 cents each at the Senior Center Thrift Store.

I also found a whole box of old crochet patterns. I'll be listing them on this blog and I'll be happy to send a pattern (or two or three) to anyone who wants one. I paid a dollar for the whole box and I don't really need every pattern. Part of the thrill of thrifting is finding good homes for things. A place where they will be used and loved.

There was a street vendor in the Junction Inn parking lot hawking his wares. I had to stop because there were boxes overflowing with stuff. My kind of scene. The vendor was solicitous and full of it but I tuned him out while I went treasure hunting. I rustled up 2 sandwich sized zip lock bags of buttons. He said his wife wanted $5 per bag but since he was such a generous and affable fellow he would sell them for a dollar a bag. He named that price after I started to put them back. Who would pay $5 for a bag of unsorted buttons mixed in with straight pins, old spools and various other detritus? Most of the buttons were plastic anyway. But still, for a buck, I had fun sorting them out and cleaning them up into the buttons they were always meant to be. Here are some of my favorites from the bags:

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