Monday, March 2, 2009

Origami Virus

One of the Crafty Snarks asked if I could make a gigantic modular piece. I don't know if I would call it gigantic (its around a foot and a half tall) but I did need somebody to hold it while I assembled it. This model is crafted from one of Tomoko Fuse's brilliant designs in "Unit Origami". The model is made from 30 sheets of paper (no glueing! no cutting!). Each piece of paper was folded using the model called Little Turtle. It could be bigger if I was willing to cut my own paper, but instead I chose the easier option of already-cut scrapbook paper.
Sorry for the terrible photo quality but I wanted to show another example of Fuse's great designs. The little guy on the left is from her book "Floral Globe Origami". I plan on making some more designs from this book; I'll try to get better pictures. Nancy

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