Thursday, February 19, 2009

So it begins...

The as-yet nameless, semi-weekly, all-inclusive Greater Southwestern Oregon (and occasionally New York) craft (and other random activities, including field trips) group has been meeting for almost a year now, so it's high time we started a blog.

(Sidenote: a big f#%$ you to all you people on blogspot who registered blogs with variations of "craft" in the name, and haven't posted since 2002. You're breaking my balls here people.)

Many thanks to Kelly for coming up with a clever and random and obscure enough name for the blog/group/modus operandi (see: Now we just need some pictures and other stuff to fill up the blogosphere and wow everyone with our creative genius. So, fellow snarks, jump to it! And stay tuned for updates on the date for the next Crafting of the Snark! Bwaaahhahahaaahaaa!

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